Brand Story

SINJEE is an international brand of which the trademark was registered in North America and EU. With word-class production and fashionable appearance, it is the first choice of each electronics fan in pursuit of high-tech, new and novelty goods. SINJEE continuously enlarges the R&D team, makes innovations in design and improve user experience in the field of highly modular consumer electronics. The internationalized technique standard, humanized high-end intelligence, fashionable and simple design philosophy are the most remarkable qualities of SINJEE products.

Being used to the routine living which makes me feel disgusted, freedom, challenge and adventure are the most powerful appeal from deep inside. Stop and listen to the voice from our inner world. Dare to do and bear; be able to do it and do it good.

23-year-old Eamon loved all kinds of intelligent products. He could program and design. He spent most of the time at home, designing and producing artificial intelligence products. His room was stuffed all kinds of peculiar-looking electronics with uncanny properties.  

21-year-old SINJEE has healthy suntanned complexion, which was apparently a natural gift. He liked adventures and outdoor sports. He had kissed tropical fish in Australia, surfed in New Zealand and conquered the world’s highest peak. Vivacious and passionate are his tags.

The two irrelevant persons met occasionally at a friend’s party. One of them was outgoing and loved adventure and the other was a high-IQ technician. Feeling like old friends the first meeting, they were attracted by the other’s fantastic experience and talked a lot. Eamon always wanted a carry-on camera that could resist all kinds of extreme natural environments, while SINJEE happened to want to have his newly developed camera tested in changeable environments. They chimed in easily. Eamon sent his intelligent outdoor camera to SINJEE.

Once, when going through the Death Valley, SINJEE accidently got injured from a falling down. His companion carried him and headed in the valley with difficulty. Weather in the valley was unpredictably changeable. A moment ago it was fine and warm, but the next it became dark and cloudy. As an experienced outdoor explorer, SINJEE knew that a snowstorm was about to come. He decided to let his companion go out without him, or else neither of them would survive. He said to his companion, “one of us wouldn’t manage to get out if we keep doing like this. I can’t walk now. You should go. I will wait here for you and the rescue team. The faster you leave, the bigger the odds that I survive.” The companion got SINJEE settled and said, “just wait here for me to come back and rescue you.” Then he hardened his heart and walked into the wind and snow.

When the rescue team arrived later, there were only SINJEE’s cold body and an outdoor camera. The camera recorded the sceneries they came across, challenges they experienced and a video taken by SINJEE when he was dying. The team members decided to return the camera to its original owner Eamon, who couldn’t believe the whole thing when he got the camera. In memory of his bosom friend, Eamon decided to found a company and create the brand of SINJEE.

It was upon the meeting of these two persons that the spark of genius flew. SINJEE, more than a manufacturer that develops intelligent high-end electronics, shows how deeply Eamon misses SINJEE and his eternal pursuit of technology.