Import & Export Agency Service

Import Agents assist foreign businesses in transporting and selling their products in China.  Export Agents connect domestic companies to the international shipping services most suited for their business.

SINJEE is an intermediary between the consigner and consignee. The payment method will be by sales commission or distribution rights. The agency does not acquire currency or market risk because it does not own the distribution rights initially. They do not need to take credit in the operation.

Some logistical companies can provide the loaning and stock financing services to the clients who have need of capital.  It is just one part of supply chain management.

Target Clients:

  1. For enterprises that have no connection with distributors in China; SINJEE will help them sign an agreeable contract.
  2. For international companies or domestic agents of Multi-national corporations in need of international transporting services, SINJEE will aid in customs clearance and product delivery.
  3. For companies participating in exhibitions, SINJEE facilitates necessary documentation and provides post-exhibition logistical support.