Export Agency Service

Export Agency Service Process

  1. The client confirms a contract with a foreign company.
  2. The client signs an agency contract with SINJEE.
  3. Confirm the HS code and the regulatory conditions.
  4. SINJEE receives the payment from the foreign firm (the remittance will be arrived in 3 to 7 working days).
  5. The client gives the customer specifications for the goods and factory information to SINJEE
  6. SINJEE will prepare the required exportation documents, book shipping space, inspect commodity (bill exchanging, the legal inspection goods) export declaration, and check export (random check non-statutory).
  7. SINJEE audits the bill of lading, then makes and audits negotiable documents.
  8. Client checks the whole set of documents and provides payment.
  9. SINJEE receives the final payment from abroad (we will receive the money in 3 to 7 working days).
  10. SINJEE will issue a VAT invoice after pre-recording the Customs declaration information.
  11. The client will make a VAT invoice for SINJEE.
  12. SINJEE will audit the VAT invoice verification and refund the tax.

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