Import Agency Service

Import Agent Service Process:

1. The client needs to finalize the price, trade contracts, product life cycle, transportation methods, and other information.
2. Sign the import agency contract with SINJEE.
3. Confirm HS code and regulatory conditions including commodity inspection, mechanical and electrical certification, heavy machinery certification and other necessary certificate.
4. Make payment to SINJEE (payment received by SINJEE according to the contract).
5. The client provides the specification and receipt to SINJEE who will prepare the documents, provide the information of contact, and distributor price to the new clients.
6. The operator will prepare import documents according to the orders.
7. SINJEE will provide suggestions for logistical channels and arrange the logistic company to transport the goods as needed. (The wooden packaging needs the certificate of fumigation and IPPC mark).
8. The operator will arrange the customs clearance according to the documents provided by the foreign supplier. Normally, it takes 3 to 4 working days to process.
9. National Product shipment (normally 2 working days).

Import customs clearance speed (our company has its own customs specialist)
Air shipment: 2 working days
Sea shipment: 3 to 7 days are allowed after shipping documents confirmed with shipping companies


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