Meknic Smart Fish Bait Boat 2kg Bait Loading 2pcs Tanks with Double Motors 500M Remote Control Sea RC Fishing Bait Boat With Unique Compact Design RC Fishing Bait Boat,Bait Boat For Fishing

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Are your hobbies fishing and remote control boat sailing? Have been considering ways to do both activities at once? I am glad to announce to you that our remote controlled fishing bait boat will permit you the pleasure of having both experiences simultaneously. With our fishing bait boat, there is no limit to your number of catches. All this will be achieved without even casting a single trend line. Fishing has never been this fun and productive.

Our fishing bait boats has been used by various experienced fishers especially when pike fishing which is quite difficult for anglers. Our product have received lots of positive reviews from users all around the world, this gives us the more confidence and assurance that you will also derive a positive experience from your indulgence in our product. With all said, if you haven’t tried our fishing bait boat out, your best years of fishing experience are still ahead of you.

Important Note:

If you want to know how to use this meknic fishing bait boat well, you can check following uploaded video or you can search " Meknic Official" in Youtube and Check the Instruction ( Titile: Meknic Fish Finder Bait Loading Sea Fishing Bait Boat with Casting ),Please install this boat well before use to avoid the water enter into the tank and burn the PCB.

The Meknic Fishing Bait Boat is designed with twin motors, two separate sockets, capable of independent operation and carrying capacity of about 2kg.Remote control can be achieved without blocking 400m range ,No longer bound by lines,Free to enjoy the convenience of unlimited technology, the signal is wide and stable.

You can be quite sure every fishing day would be a good one with bountiful catches. No hassle dazzle while trying to set-up, easy to operate and most importantly, a higher probability of a large catch. Using a bait boat you can be completely confident that your presentation is absolutely right each and every time, with no wind tangles or wrapped baits.

Main Features:

> Two independent bait room for independent control, each room can be opened independent of the other.

> Motor cover design to protect the motor from water grasses and other foreign objects.

> Strong blue night light design, easy to judge the direction in darkness and attract the fishes.

> Up to 400m remote control distance with stable signal transmission.

> Special digital automatic frequency modulation remote control device completely solves the problem of mutual interference, short control distances, and out of control.

> Injection molded engineering ABS plastic, anti-scratch, tear resistant, anti-wind.

> 7.4V 5200mAh large capacity battery, up to 2 - 24h working time.

> Centre point of the battery for batter stabilization.

> Dual motor design, stronger power.


> Material: ABS engineering plastics

> Bait Boat Product Size: 50*27*200mm

> Net weight: About 1.5kg

> Plug type: US plug

> Battery Capacity: 7.4V 5200mAh

> Product Compatibility: Coastal waters of rivers and lakes.

Remote Controller:

> Remote Controller Size:490*160*215mm

> Remote Controller Function: move forward, backward, turn right and left, nest

> Remote Control distance:400-500m(Ideally, the environment will be different)

Package Included:

1* Meknic RC Fishing Bait Boat

1* Travel Charger

1* Li-battery

1* Remote controller

1* Night fishing light

1* English User Manual

2* Float bowls


1.Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

2.There is 1-3cm difference according to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.

Water tight up to an appreciable level and Nature Friendly

Imagine what happens when a big fish bites on your bait and swims deep into the water. This will cause your boat to tip over, taking in large amount of water. If your fishing bait boat is not properly air tightened, this water will get into the internal systems and this will result in the damage of the engine. Luckily for you, our fishing bait boat has been made foolproof for situations like this. This particular feature will save you a lot of cash which would have gone into repair, maintenance or even the purchase of a new fishing bait boat.


Many at times trend lines get caught up on low hanging trees near water bodies, causing threat to wildlife. There are no such worries when using a fishing bait boat, as the treats or baits are properly discharged, be sure zero damage or threat to nature.

Visibility over a long distance & Monohull system

Our fishing bait boat still manages to maintain visibility even over a long distance. There are several reasons we have taken our time to ensure this feature is in place. Imagine scenarios where you boats sails out too far on water and you loss site of it and worst of all lose control of it as well. This can result in the loss of such fishing bait boat.


Monohulls are the best RC boat type because of their superior stability in rough waters. They are also extremely agile and can move quickly in any direction. Monohull RC boats with their low center of gravity can position themselves properly even after being upside down. And if they are water tight, they can resume operating at once.

Incorporation of an enclosed propeller and Accuracy

Our fishing bait boat makes use of an enclosed propeller to prevent situations where water grass, fishing lines or even debris gets entangled around an exposed propeller. This will cause a restriction in its movement when it is probably in the middle of the water or has covered a long distance and its miles away from you.


Your bait boat gives you the liberty of discharging your bait in exactly the same position over and over again without having to recast repeatedly. This precise accuracy of the bait boat makes if many peoples favorite.

Center of gravity


Buoyancy in water of our fishing bait boat is probably its most important feature. This determines its stability in water during bad weathers, unruly waves and strong wind. The center of gravity of any fishing bait boat will ultimately determine its effectiveness and efficiency.

Less Disturbance


This form of fishing offers stealth at its best. Fishing bait boat offers minimal disturbance to the water and your fellow anglers. This characteristic gives it better shot at catching fishes than the traditional hook and trend line.

Range Safety


If you have ever had a cracked off lead pass by your ear, you will know what I mean by range safety. Fishing at any range is made possible with your bait boat without posing any threat to those at the far bank or on the same side of the bank as you. Threats which may arise as the result of bad casting skills.

Bait at any Range

As there is no need to cast, you can bait up with light pellets, ground bait or maggots at any range and of course those soft herrings which won’t survive a cast, can be placed by the pike angler with complete accuracy and confidence.

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Warranty Information

All Products we sell has 24 months warranty time .Accessories warranty time is 3 months. Meknic is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. And we are striving to keep developing our product list to bring you upgraded and optimized products. We are dedicated to bring you more great products always.However, if for any reason this is not the case you want, we would appreciate if you could give us a chance to address your concerns before leaving your feedback, our email We will try our best to help you. Thanks for your support.