Meknic SV-PC01 Mini USB Dash Cam Hardwire Kit with Battery Drain Protection System,2A Dash Cam Hardwire Fuse Kit For Car DVR Camera Or GPS Power Supply-Installation Manual Include

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The Meknic Dash Cam Hardwire Kit allows you to install your In Car Camera permanently into your vehicle. This Dash Cam hardwire kit is a simple “plug and play”solution to hardwire any MINI USB CAR DASH CAMERA into your car and no longer require a car cigarette lighter socket. The box contains all the components required to easily connect the power supply directly to a fuse box of any vehicle that uses either standard ATO/C fuses OR smaller ATM fuses.which covers most vehicles. It can be installed in less than a minute. Nearly less electrical expertise required.Simply remove a fuse from the fuse box, plug the required fuse "tap" cable supplied in the kit in to the vehicles fuse box and plug the displaced fuse in to the top of the fuse tap cable. The car camera now has its own power supply and no longer requires connection to the car cigarette lighter socket. Now hide the included 3.5M 11FT car camera power cable, using your car interior trim, to the point of installation of your car dash cam.

Package Included:

> 1pcs 3.5M 11FT Meknic Dash Cam Hardwire Kit- Mini USB

> 1pcs Fuse link cable for standard ATO/C fuses

> 1pcs 2Amp Fuse (Standard ATO/C)

> 1pcs Mini Fuse Tap Cable

> 1pcs Micro Fuse Cable

> 1pcs English Instruction Manual

> 1pcs Anti-Interfere Magnetic Ring(Installed with cable)

> 1pcs Thanksgiving Card

This Meknic Dash Camera HardWire kit can be used to power your Dash Camera in your car or truck, Sat Nav, Radar Detector in a non-obtrusive way just with Mini USB power input, without the need to have wires trailing all over your dash in order to plug a lead in to the cigar lighter socket.It connects the camera directly to the fuse box under the dashboard for continuous power from the vehicle’s battery. Your dash camera will always be powered, providing a watchful eye over your vehicle when you’ve left it unattended with the ignition turned off.It enables you to hide the power lead along to top of the windscreen and around the side of the pillar to under the dashboard. For 24-hour surveillance, hardwiring can’t be beat.


> Input Voltage :12-24V input

> Output Voltage: DC5V

> Output Current: 2A(Exactly)

> It compatible with any vehicle Car DVR with Mini USB socket.

> Perfect for 24H parking surveillance

> Keeps your car organized (Connects your dash cam to the car battery)

> Works with the best dash cams on the market

> Get 24 hours of battery life

> Protects your car battery from dying

> Doesn't permanently alter your car in any way Easily installs in any modern car

> Works with a number of portable electronics

> With low voltage protection function, protect car's battery,12V-11.2V(Cut Off Automatically),24V-23.2V(Cut Off Automatically)

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