Waterproof Fingerprint Padlock,Travel Lock, SINJEE FP01 Biometric Digital Lock Stainless Steel Aluminum IP66 Waterproof USB Charge Security Lock for School Gym Locker, Luggage Suitcase, Cabinet

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For centuries now, locks have been part of our lives. We all need to keep our items and homes safe. Security is one of the human’s biggest concerns because no one is ready to loose what they’ve earned through their sweat. Over the past years, various artisans have been trying to improve the locks, there are about thirteen different types of locks and now we introduce to you the latest digital lock that uses fingerprint.

You need a lock that will give you peace of mind that is safe and very strong. Keep your home and properties safe with smart Meknic fingerprint padlock. It is water proof and rechargeable via USB port. No more worries while on a journey, your SINJEE fingerprint padlock is your security/password. This SINJEE fingerprint padlock is very safe to use and is the most ideal way to verify your identity. When you hear the word safety this includes protection from dust and rust.


> Support 360 degree angle fingerprint recognize

> Resolution:508DPI

> ESD:+/-12kV air,+ / - 8kV contact

> FRR: <1%

> FAR: <0.002%

> Recognize time:<300mS

> Battery:< 3.7V 240mAh (Unlcok:1000 times)

> Standby time:1 Year

> Voltage Charge: 5V,1A

This amazing SINJEE fingerprint padlock has a resolution of 508DPI and a recognize duration of 300ms. It features lower power and ling standby time. You don’t have to worry about charging, it supports Micro USB charger and the lithium battery which is in-built has 3.7 voltages. It’s relatively light, weighing only 150gramms. If you are looking for the most secure padlock for your suitcase, house door, office , warehouse, cabinet or backpack then this what you need.

What's in the Box:

> 1 × SINJEE SV-FP01 Padlock

> 1 × USB Charging Cable

> 1 × Multi-Languages User Manual

> 1 x Service Card

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